Tee Ventures (India) Pvt Ltd launches new golf balls in India

GIA member Tee Ventures has launched new versions of its +91 golf balls , from the new hugely improved versions of the DRIVE & COLOR to their flagship 2 piece Ionomer high performer FLASH TOUR.

The company feels that just as golfers have their golf clubs customised, so golfers should select a golf ball which fits their games since each golfer has different swing speeds and swing types.

Some golfers prefer softer feeling golf balls, some prefer firmer feedback. Some seek spin, some desire distance. And the firmness of the core, cover construction and dimple pattern all impact the trajectory and distance control too. Golfers need to judge how the ball feels coming off the putter face and wedges.  Some players favour the bump and run, some the soft chips. Golfers should try different golf balls to find one they like, suits their needs and budgets. The 2-piece ball is the most favoured golf ball by amateurs as they are durable, solid and economical too. And 80% of the golfing population looks at these factors, which +91 recognises.

The company Founder & CEO Shreyam Shah said “ The previous generation DRIVE did everything and more a good quality entry level ball should do. We raised the bar for ourselves, 10 months of tests with ball cover and core compositions, compressions and dimple patterns, we found ourselves building a ball that was better – more distance, more durability and enough spin. We have proudly launched it in July 2021. Our objective was clear, we wanted to give golfers in India, not just a solid 2 piece Surlyn golf ball, but more importantly at an unmatched price. MADE IN INDIA FOR INDIA.”

Added Chairman Dhiren Shah “ Months of making different prototypes, followed by actual driving range and on-course testing. Marrying the engineering with real golfers feedback is no mean task. We worked on specific aspects like distance, trajectory and spin to get the ideal combination. We have had golfers across various age groups and skill sets testing our golf balls. We now have the FLASH TOUR ready to launch. Our line of COLOR remains a favourite with corporates, juniors and anyone who cares to have fun. Now improved and upgraded, newer colours, all set to be launched next quarter.”

Chief Advisor Shivas Nath says “ We already had a very popular +91 range ball, we have gone one better and now will launch the high performance FLASH range ball. This high performing range ball is for golfers who seek a range ball closest to a tournament ball. Truth be told its a tournament ball under the guise of a range ball for golf course and academies that want nothing but the best 2 piece range ball for their members and elite golfers.”


Established in 2015, Tee Ventures went in to active golf ball production in 2018. They started primarily as an OEM and today export golf balls to 11 countries and produce 35,000 golf balls a day.

The company has till date produced over 2.5 million golf balls, many of them for leading global brands which most golfers would have used at driving ranges or on the golf course without realising they have actually been made in India.

Being a ‘Direct to Customer’ model, the final price paid by the end user is low and affordable as purchases are directly from the +91 website. They have supplied range balls with customised logos to over 40 golf courses across India and are available in both white or yellow.

The yellow balls work especially well at golf courses where the driving range fairways are shared with holes that are a part of the course. The logos aren’t removable are prevent range ball theft.

The company is slowly but surely building their  brand in India and overseas having participated at several golf and sports equipment fair and expos across the globe and will soon be setting up international distribution networks and will be entertaining enquiries for representation.



Mr. Dhiren Shah – Chairman

Mr. Shreyam Shah – CEO

Mr. Shivas Nath – Chief Advisor

Ms. Mahima Chadha – COO

Mr. Arun Rai – General Manager

For more information, readers may visit www.plus91golf.com 

For enquiries, please email at teamplus91golf@teeventures.com