Pune GC’s move towards 100% recycled water

Like many other Golf clubs across the country, the Pune GC too is now making a move to join the list of courses which would be 100% self-sufficient in terms of freshwater usage.

This would also help in addressing a looming threat of usage of freshwater at golf courses which could potentially impact the future of the sport in India.

The Pune GC is constructing a Sewage Treatment Plant with a capacity to clean 1 million litres per day.  The club will use the Tiger Biofilter system, a vermifiltration based technology, to process raw sewage from the Municipal wastewater pipeline and it is scheduled to be commissioned in January 2022.

The location of the plant is in the left corner of the dogleg on hole number seven. The course has, therefore, temporarily changed it to a par 4, and will revert to par 5 after the plant is functional. The plant will fulfill 100% of the requirement of water for the course.

Pune GC also completed a new clubhouse last year and is making strides towards sustainability which has become a major movement across the global game and a key area of emphasis of the world’s governing bodies including the R&A of St Andrews.