President’s Message – July 2022

Dear valued GIA Members,

With the clearing of the pandemic and a positive business climate, we see growth, demand and purpose as a need in all industries.

Golf must come together with all associations having the shared vision of associating to grow the game.

We are all excited to meet the Golf course Owners/CEOs and Industry stakeholders during the 3 Regional GIA Events at Bangalore (12th Aug 2022), Ahmedabad (18th Aug 2022) and New Delhi (26th Aug 2022).

We are happy to partner with Brandon de Souza Management Services (BDMS) to manage the GIA Golf Summit 2022.

This year’s Summit will give the required impetus to achieve growth bonding and the business of Golf.

Look forward to greater times.

Anirudha (Anil) Seolekar

President, Golf Industry Association