President’s Message – August 2021

Dear Golfer,

The most awaited sporting extravaganza “The Olympics” every four years and this time five, is done & dusted.

The organisers would be relieved that the conduct was so smooth in these difficult times while countries like ours will now  introspect on the hits & misses in this edition of the games by our contingent.

While rightfully the medal winners will be feted we hope our golfers led by Aditi Ashok who missed one by the smallest of margins will be given their due as she “ignited a brand new following of people from different walks of life to watch golf” early morning on those last 2 days of play as she held her own with players ranked much ahead of her.

Anirban too finished in red numbers but viewing the passion and intensity to win Gold for your country overtook any other sentiment so kudos to Xander & Nelly Korda for being deserving winners. For Udayan Mane & Diksha Dagar also it would have been an unforgettable experience and will definitely make them better competitors as they strive to break on to global tours.

Back home while the National Men’s & Ladies Opens have been cancelled, the resumption of the PGTI tour is very positive news. Hopefully the WGAI will soon follow suit as well as we will see the interest in corporate golf events returning in different parts of the country.

Currently the club initiated premier leagues are being well patronised and definitely the positive trend of more rounds and larger retail spends on golf is continuing.

Just talks of the increasing Covid cases globally and a possible 3rd wave should ensure we all tread cautiously and do our bit to follow good hygiene and safety protocols.

Please enjoy your golf and keep insisting all your clubs don’t get lax with the sanitisation and good practices that have been started and put in place to make our clubs safe.

Brandon de Souza

President, Golf Industry Association