Karma Lakelands’ new water saving device

In yet another endeavour to make Karma Lakelands more environmentally friendly, Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ have been installed as a new water saving device at the 9-hole luxury residential golf resort in Gurugram.

With this new initiative, Karma Lakelands add another chapter to their many eco-friendly initiatives like compost creation, organic farming, bee farming and banning the usage of one-time-use plastic water bottles.

The Eco Urinal Blocks® Bluo™ system makes the Men’s urinal waterless and odorless. As these blocks eliminate the need of flushing water completely, it results in significant cost savings on water bills, electricity and maintenance charges.

It’s said that each men’s urinal consumes upto 1 lakh litres of water every year. With 25 urinals, Karma Lakelands and any club, hotel or office can save a significant 2.5 million litres of water.

Hong Kong Polytechnic invented the Eco Block in 2006; an environment-friendly tiny blue strip made up of bio materials and construction waste. The primary feature of Eco-Block is to catalyze the nitrogen oxide and other pollutants in the air into non-hazardous substances. This eliminates the odour and costs one third of the usually plastic mats used in other facilities, while using zero water.