Golf Inc. Summit 2021 announced in USA

The Golf Inc. Strategies Summit 2021 is an in person  Golf business event open to industry members from anywhere in the world which hopes to bring the industry back to pre-Coronavirus days albeit with limited seats available (250 guests), for now.

The Golf Inc. Strategies Summit 2021 is scheduled to be held from 26-28 October, 2021 at La Quinta Resort and Club in Palm Springs, CA, United States and there will be 60+ presenters, 25+ education sessions and 8+ networking events during the three day event.

The Summit includes the following features

  1. Access to All Sessions
    1. Live Q&A’s
    2. Meet the panelists
    3. Experience the synergy
    4. Interactive
  2. Networking
    1. Reconnect
    2. Industry professionals
    3. Build your network
    4. Hear the latest and greatest
  3. Fun
    1. Get out of the office
    2. Opportunity to travel
    3. Golf outing
    4. Soak up the sun
  4. Desert Oasis
    1. Palm Springs, CA
    2. Luxury resort & spa
    3. Golf courses
    4. Local attractions
  5. Food
    1. Elegant meals
    2. Complimentary cocktails
    3. Social cafe break
    4. Hot breakfasts

Golf Industry professionals can grab an Early Bird discount until 27th Sep by registering here

For more about Golf Inc. Strategies Summit 2021 click here