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Code of Ethics

All members of the Golf Industry Association accept that they are bound by the rules and provisions of their constitution;
  • Cases of unethical behavior by members not covered in the constitution will be dealt with by the Committee;
  • Apparent breaches of behavior codes must be reported;
  • o the best of their ability GIA members should actively promote Golf to all levels of government and the general public
  • Prospective GIA members purporting to be Golf Course Architects should be recognized by the Indian Golf Union or be members of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, American Society of Golf Course Architects or the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects
  • Prospective GIA members promoting or selling products, materials or machinery should be able to provide professional training in the safe use or operation of such items to Clients
  • Prospective GIA members purporting to offer technical advice should be properly trained or hold qualifications that enable them to offer such technical advice

Board Of Directors

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Mr. Anirudha Seolekar

Mr. Anirudha Seolekar

Mr. Devang D. Shah

Mrs. Deepali Shah Gandhi

Mr. Anirudha Seolekar
Mr. Aakash Ohri
Mr. Devang D. Shah
Mrs. Deepali Shah Gandhi
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